Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Benefits of Automotive Seat Covers

One of the great on-the-road ironies is that while you are sitting nicely in your car seat, the seat itself has to face up to an incredible tremendous amount of abuse. Dirty garments, wet swimsuits, spilt drinks, kids snacking in the backseat, slobbering pets, seat friction and harsh daylight all have the potential to ruin and wear out your great looking seats. And if something awful has befallen your interior, a complete reupholster will cost dearly. This is where automotive seat covers come in.

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The times of troubling about permanently staining your car seats or of being humiliated by ripped, ragged and rough upholstery are close to being over. With the right set of automotive seat covers, you are going to be able to : Proactively look after your upholstery from a dizzying array of hazards, cover over existing damage instead of having to reupholster your seats and make over your interior to suit your tastes and lifestyle .

Moisture is especially tricky for residents of the drizzly Pacific Northwest and other wet sectors. Leather's worst enemy is water. When it gets wet, it becomes tacky to the touch - a sign the leather's natural oils are being washed out. Cloth seating is also subject to damage from moisture. When water seeps into factory-installed fabrics, it can fester and grow into ugly, stinky, revolting mold. Never fear ; our seat covers come in a good selection of materials with varying degrees of water resistance to protect your interior.

No one plans on fumbling a forty ounce beverage right into their lap while barreling down the freeway, but it happens. As drinks keep getting bigger and larger, the potential damage keeps growing and growing. Besides sticky sodas and scalding coffees, on-the-go meals are a vehicle seat's worst nightmare . Not to mention soiled clothing, tracked-in mud and salty back sweat. Luckily , a snug set of automotive seat covers will bear the brunt of any spillage and grime you can toss at it
While getting in and out of your vehicle could seem like a safe operation, it is, actually, putting plenty of stress on your seats. Like sandpaper on a jagged block of wood, the texture of your clothing grates against the texture of the upholstery ( leather and cloth alike ). This continual friction between your body and your seat steadily grinds away at your upholstery. As time passes, the strength of the leather or fabric starts to decline, and it'll at last start becoming threadbare, torn and split.

If the inside of your vehicle has suffered from some cruel twist of destiny ( a leaky pen left lying in the backseat, or a torn seam that's's promising to unravel totally ), you have the ability to rejuvenate your vehicle's seats without needing to go through the trouble of a complete reupholster job. Instead of calling up your dealer and shelling out an arm and a leg for new seats, you can simply slide a new set of automotive seat covers directly over the old ones.

There are 2 differing types automotive seat covers, a custom fit and universal fit. Let's take a closer look at the benefits you get with each style.

Just as an Armani suit is correctly measured, cut and stitched to fit the unique shapes and contours of the wearer, so too is a custom fit seat cover carefully designed for an exact fit over your seats. No part of your own auto's seat is forgotten or overlooked - not the position of the head rest, nor the situation of the seat's ergonomic controls, nor even where your seatbelts are mounted. Everything is taken into consideration, and these made-to-measure seat covers will fit like they were factory-installed. Likewise, custom fit seat covers will not obstruct your seat's side-impact airbags, so you will be just as secure as before, only with better looking and better protected upholstery.

Universal seat covers fit any high-back and low-back bucket seat, regardless of your year, make or model. Instead of being used as long-term coverings, our universal seat covers are an ideal companion in your car for when life gets a little messy. They install in seconds, so you can slip them on when you need them and store them away in your trunk when you don't. Like the semi-custom seat covers, the universal seat covers shouldn't be used on seats with side-impact airbags.

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Your vehicle is more than simply a strategy of transport - it is an extension of your identity, your personality and your uniqueness. You would like your automobile to mirror yourself, and the right set of automotive seat covers is an excellent way to personalize your interior. And, with all the different colours, patterns and materials at your disposal, you have an nearly limitless array of ways to customize your car seats.